Geeks Found Stupid Comedy Website
July 29th, 2005

A small group of bored high school students announced today the creation of a satirical news source called The Radish.

“Well actually, we were just sitting around staring at our computer screens one day,” explained a founding member who wished to be identified only as Alberge, “when I came to the realization that we can be really funny sometimes.”

The shamelessly but cleverly named Radish is to be hosted at, according to inside sources.

The founders claim that they will keep to a two-week release cycle, with one or more new articles every other week. Skeptics, and the founders themselves, are quick to doubt this assertion.

“No way in hell we're going to have time to do this when school starts, but sometimes it's fun to be shortsighted,” said a second anonymous founder. Sources say that this founder just isn't cool enough to have a codename.

The geeks added that The Radish is accepting applications for staff positions and will also welcome submissions from non-affiliated correspondents.

The third founder, known as Unidyne7, commented, “It's a good idea and all, but I can't believe they're actually doing it. It's not like any of us can really be funny — even The Onion isn't funny half the time. I mean, wtf? lol.”