The Radish Emerges from Beta
September 10th, 2005

Just in time for the beginning of school and the inevitably subsequent negligence of all things non-academic, The Radish emerged from the Beta phase last Sunday Night.

“It was actually Monday morning,” said Tao, The Radish's webmaster who was quick to point out that he built The Radish website all by himself.

One reader of The Radish reported that “nothing changed except the title image” when the comedy publication ended its Beta phase. When Alberge204 pointed out that the change in the title image was his own doing, Tao told him to shut up.

Tao went on to explain that the real reason for the release was that school was starting soon and if the site wasn't finished in its current state, eventual completion was unlikely.

“So we just called it done. I think it looks quite nice,” Tao said as he patted himself heartily on the back.

Analysts say that as school will be preventing any significant maintenance or changes to The Radish's structure and design, the reporters may have to stop writing stupid self-referencing articles and begin failing to be funny in a wider range of areas.