Pool Changes Floors: Confusion Ensues
September 10th, 2005

The pool at Newton South High School recently moved from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor, according to several seniors who are familiar with the school's layout.

This change was met with much confusion, especially from freshmen who thought that the pool was on the third floor.

“It was, in fact, on the third floor,” explained one senior, “but it mysteriously moved up a floor sometime shortly after the construction of the new 3-story building.”

One freshman explained his confusion, similar to that of many others, saying “My brother had always talked about the pool on the third floor but recently began saying it was on the fourth floor. I didn't know what to think when I got there on the first day.”

On the first day of school, so many bewildered freshmen were wandering aimlessly around the cafeteria that Mrs. Keegan, the school's acting principal, decided to extend lunch and delay the start of the next class for the freshmen.

The guidance department reports that in addition to the normal chaos of the scheduling conflicts and changes that happen at the beginning of each year, there has been a rush of students seeking answers about the pool.

Jennifer King, the head of the guidance department said, “Regrettably, we've had to turn away many students suffering from confusion about the pool. Since the administration has been tight-lipped even about the pool's existence, there's really nothing we can do but try to calm them down. And we have trouble even finding time for that with all the scheduling work we have to do.”

While there is very little sound information confirming the existence of the pool, all interviewed seniors insisted that it's there. “Oh, it's there alright. I've used it several times already,” said one bathing suit clad senior. He added as he threw his towel around his neck, “Anyone who thinks it doesn't exist is just too stupid to find it. Ask the administration, they'll tell you.”

The administration refused to comment.