God Hates Newton South High School
October 22nd, 2005

In response to the production of the controversial play, The Laramie Project, God has confirmed what many have been suspecting for years.

“I hate that school. I hate its teachers, I hate its students, and I especially hate their parents,” God ranted about Newton South High School in a press conference yesterday.

After taking a deep breath and quietly counting to ten, He continued, “The guy had it coming to him. So do a lot of people.” God added, pointing at the earth, “In fact, if I hadn't promised that I wouldn't, I'd have re-flooded this whole mess years ago.”

The news has had little impact on the Newton community. The Laramie Project sold out for at least two of the three shows, and the city continues to be as liberal and more-tolerant-than-thou than ever.

“What, is this news or something?” asked one student at South, explaining that “I've known He hated me for a long time now, and as for the rest of South, well ... I could have told you that.”

Analysts say that Newton's bored reaction to certain damnation confirms that the majority of Newton residents are atheist heathen anyway. Also, an increasing number are reported to be converting to Flying Spaghetti Monsterism or worshiping the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

God continued to complain, “Why did this have to happen after Jesus? Before that kid came along, I could have just rained some fire and brimstone and been done with it, but he's all into the whole Dad-Loves-Everyone thing.”

God's right hand was examined thoroughly, but Jesus was unavailable for comment.