Newton South Mission Statement
November 5th, 2005

Newton South High School, a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff,

- Is dedicated to providing a global-individual starting platform paradigm for personal endeavors and big-picture possibilities on a school-wide game plan and knowledge base that maximizes capital goal setting potential for all.

- Expects innovative, robust value leadership with short and long term situational bottom line empowerment control, and paradigm-shiftable realization of individual and environmental respect.

- Generates and sets a synergistic methodology to utilize mission-critical resources and direct them to facilitating operational optimization of a bleeding-edge academic center protection mindset and rightside future-proof positive activity.

- Stimulates work case envisioning of knowledge base trading, schedule compressed aspirations for team player assimilation and group dynamic implementation for community wide augmentation of quality driven intellectual capital.

- Enables fast track high-priority, result-driven heads-ups in robust opportune heightening of quality vector magnitude in knowledge-base seeking empowered individuals in order to satisfy long term initiative for expanding mindshare real estate in multidisciplinary academic field regions.

- Encourages cross-area self-synergistic visualization of goal setting individual accountability communication and the streamlining of the win-win situation.