College Essay
December 17th, 2005

We want to know more about some of your accomplishments. Briefly summarize the accomplishments of which you're most proud. Please limit your answer to 150 words or fewer.

I'd like to just talk about the one accomplishment I'm most proud of: defeating Deep Blue at chess. I don't know if you've heard of Deep Blue, but it's a supercomputer made by IMB in the 1990's. Deep Blue beat a world champion in 1996, and then it was heavily upgraded. After that is when I beat it. The computer was clever, but it really wasn't a close game. My ability to look about 16 or 17 ply into the future of the game really helped me, because Deep Thought only searches the game to the depth of 12 ply. A ply is a half-turn, or a single move by one player. Anyway, it was a really exciting experience for me, because it was just me versus this really smart computer, and while I don't like to brag, it was really a trivial game.

Last summer, I took a trip to Africa. When I saw all the poverty and disease there, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a shame.” So I spent my two months there establishing hospitals and schools. I'd guess that I visited about 193 villages and set up a hospital and two or three schools in each village. It was great to work directly with people suffering from poverty and know that I was making a difference, however small it may have been. I spent the last month of my summer raising about 4 billion dollars to provide medical services and education for a few of the places I didn't get to visit. If I get good grades this year, my parents are going to let me go back next summer to visit the remainder of Africa. My grades are all above 100% right now, so it looks like they'll let me go. I'm really looking forward to it. I love helping people.

Last year, I built a biochemical lab in my basement, and I've since started doing medical research into cures for some of the world's worst medical ailments. It took me about three weeks after the lab was built before I found the cure for cancer. It was a tough problem to solve, because so little is known about exactly what makes cancer happen and how to stop it. However, once I figured out the basic idea of how to cure it, the rest was just some quick and easy trial and error. I've recently been taking time off from my biochemical research to work at NASA, but I think my next project is going to be AIDS.

I believe that my accomplishments speak in favor of my qualification for South Twin Forks University, and I hope that I have clearly and favorably expressed my interest in a position in the class of 2010 at STFU. I now believe it is time for me to go ahead and “Subsiste sermonem statim.”